Shaping knowledge
Research Day at the Department of Architecture

Architecture is about solving complex functional-spatial, aesthetic, technical, social, ecological and economic problems. In doing so, diverse disciplines – whether art history, building theory, urban planning or building physics, to name just a few – work with the help of manifold knowledge cultures.

Since 2014, the department of architecture at TU Darmstadt has been organizing a Research Day at regular intervals.

The program of the Research Day includes, among other things, lectures and workshops by renowned experts as well as presentations on research projects and doctoral theses currently underway at the department.

Documentation of the events

9th day of research
Architecture and climate
December 7, 2022

8th day of research
Architecture as a storage of knowledge
December 1, 2021

7th day of research
Shaping knowledge
December 2, 2020

6th day of research
Architecture in an interdisciplinary context
December 4, 2019

5th day of research
December 5, 2018

4th day of research
Research and architectural teaching
December 6, 2017

3th day of research
Knowledge in architecture
December 7, 2016

2th day of research
Knowledge production and innovation in architecture
January 20, 2016

1th day of research
June 11, 2014